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Mortgage Renewals

Is your home or commercial mortgage coming up for renewal? Want to be sure you're getting the top mortgage rates in Canada?

Mortgage Connect Canada is your trusted, independent mortgage brokerage, offering exclusive access to some of the lowest Canadian mortgage rates through our diverse lineup of lenders. We work with both institutional and private lenders, giving us a wide range of mortgage options to present our clients.


Mortgage Connect Canada is afforded access to special, unpublished mortgage rates that are offered through our list of over 50 lenders and credit unions.

Whether you're renewing your home or commercial mortgage, we make it simple and straightforward to find and secure the best rates.

Get top Canadian mortgage rates from reputable lenders that are available through Mortgage Connect Canada. Contact Mortgage Connect Canada to learn more about our mortgage renewal process.

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Looking to Switch Your Mortgage Provider

When you're renewing your mortgage, you may want to consider a mortgage switch, too.


Many variables could have evolved since you signed your first mortgage. Interest rates may have gone down, your financial situation may have improved, or your lifestyle needs may have changed.


A Mortgage Connect Canada can help you determine if a mortgage switch is right for you at this time, depending on current mortgage rates in Canada, the housing market in your city, and any relevant penalties and discharge fees. If you switch, we can secure exclusive, competitive rates thanks to our long-standing relationship with the country's top lenders.

We'll gladly discuss your mortgage switching options for a seamless transfer of your current mortgage balance. Call us today for more information.

Mortgage Renewal Process

Sherwood's mortgage agents keep the mortgage renewal process simple. As you near your mortgage renewal deadline, you'll be considering a handful of options while reassessing your real estate plan - and that can quickly become overwhelming.

A Mortgage Connect Canada can help you find a mortgage renewal solution that makes sense for your current situation, with additional flexibility in case you need it. We'll work with you to secure the right mortgage renewal term, and the best payment options that align with your needs.

When renewing a mortgage, you can consider strategies such as:

  • Lump-sum payments towards the principal

  • Locking into longer terms with favourable rates

  • Shorter terms for added flexibility

  • Consider a change to a fixed or variable mortgage

  • Increase mortgage payments to limit total interest expenses

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